WoW Security Dongle Planned? World of Warcraft

WoW Security Dongle Planned?

From This evening Blizzard sent out an email to WoW subscribers which encouraged them to take part in a general survey. While there were the usual questions such as what systems to you own, how many hours you play etc, there was something really interesting. There were a series of questions concerning WoW account security and it appears Blizzard ate toying with the idea of implementing some sort of 'dongle' which could be applied via a USB port and...
NT Loader and boot.ini file Windows System

NT Loader and boot.ini file

NT boot process Windows NT system may be booted only from a primary partition or a floppy disk, however NT operating system files may be stored on either, a primary partition, or a logical volume. It does not modify Master Boot Code stored in the MBR of the boot disk, and uses standard BIOS method for loading Volume Boot Sector. Itself, Windows NT, does not require its primary partition to be active, however, when default Master Boot Code is used,...
Magazine of PlayBoy MISC

Magazine of PlayBoy

These magazine is PDF files. PlayBoy 12-2005: Click here to download. PlayBoy 02-2006: Click here to download. PlayBoy 10-2006: Click here to download.
AAC与3GP媒体的制作 Mobile Phone


前一段时间原来的SamSun E100被小贼偷去了,没办法,只要出血买了个Nokia 6233。使用了几天,感觉很不错。两个字:实用。这是我对Nokia 6233的最中肯的评价。6233没有花哨的功能,每一个功能都依靠实用而存在,因此,买了她很舒心。 可惜的是原来准备给SamSun用的铃声在6233上面要么声音很小,要么不支持。而6233支持很好的音频和视频格式是AAC和3GP,因此整理了一下,把我转换AAC和3GP的心得记录下来。 AAC的转换: 软件需求:Lame/Mac/Flac+Aacenc (均为命令行程序,个人不喜欢有界面的,因为命令行程序用起来太灵活了) 使用方法:aacenc用来将输入的wav文件转换为aac格式;               Lame用来解压缩mp3,输出wav;               Mac用来解压缩ape,输出wav;               Flac用来解压缩flac,输出wav;               Aacenc的使用,一般使用默认或者vbr输出,这样可以尽可能的在保证质量的情况下缩小aac文件的大小。               以上软件均来自于Google。搜索以下,一大把,均为开源免费程序。 3GP的转换: 软件需求:Xenon+任意一款视频分割程序。 使用方法:Xenon可以将输出的wav、rmvb、wmv、mpg、avi等媒体文件转换为3GP输出;               视频分割程序的用处不用说了吧,如果你愿意将数百兆的单个文件放手机里面的可以不用,^_^。 软件来源:Xenon绿色版,可以来此下载。