Audacious and my Creative Audigy2 ZS sound card

Error Log:

amidi-plug(amidi-plug.c:amidiplug_init:97): init, read configuration
amidi-plug(i_backend.c:i_backend_load:107): loading backend '/usr/lib/audacious/Input/amidi-plug/'
amidi-plug(i_backend.c:i_backend_load:145): backend /usr/lib/audacious/Input/amidi-plug/ (name 'alsa') successfully loaded
MADPlug-Message: failed to open audio output: XMMS reverse compatibility output plugin

I had the same problem and solved it with the following step:

1) Uninstall audacious and remove all relative settings and directories:
sudo apt-get remove --purge audacious
rm -r .audacious/ /home/%username%/.config/audacious /home/%username%/.cache/audacious home/%username%/.local/share/audacious /home/%username%/.local/share/applications/audacious

2) Install PulseAudio
Go to the Add-Remove programs and install
PulseAudio Device Chooser
PulseAudio Volume Control
PulseAudio Volume Meter (Playback)
PulseAudio Volume Meter (Capture)
PulseAudio Manager

3) Install audacious again
sudo apt-get install audacious

4) Run "Appcliations"-> "Multimedia" -> "PulseAudio Device Chooser"
or type on terminal padevchooser and run
On tray icon will appear PulseAudio applet

5) Now run audacious and in preferences in Audio Output choose PulseAudio Output Plugin
Now open some mp3 song with audacious and while it plays without sound make left click on tray icon of PulseAudio Applet and choose Volume Control. on card "Playback" choose your device and sound will appear immediately. Good luck!


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