Shell Tips Linux System

Shell Tips

ICONV Directory for i in `find ./ -name *.htm` ; do echo $i;iconv -f gb18030 -t utf8 $i -o /tmp/iconv.tmp;mv /tmp/iconv.tmp $i; done or find -name "*.htm" \ -exec iconv -f gb2312 -t utf8 '{}' -o /tmp/iconv.tmp \; \ -exec mv /tmp/iconv.tmp '{}' \; RM nodecode files ll -i //list all files inum find ./ -inum 12345 -print -exec rm {} -rf \; Convert image files find * | xargs -l -i convert -density 150 -quality 100 -resize x1240 {}...
Fastcgi-mono for nginx Linux System

Fastcgi-mono for nginx

Some Tips: Install Software sudo apt-get install nginx mono subversion svn co fastcgi-mono-server cd fastcgi-mono-server ./ make sudo make install Config mono (more…)
Using uvesafb on ubuntu 9.10 Linux System

Using uvesafb on ubuntu 9.10

My monitor's resolution is 1440x900,so I can't use vesafb on consolen. I fond it's so difficult when I try to use uvesafb. Fortunately, it's ok at last. My steps as follow: 1. Install v86d package. If you not, you should get some errors, such as: "could not font /sbin/v86d" sudo apt-get install v86d 2. Recompile your kernel, and make sure these options are include in your config file. sudo make menuconfig (more…)
Write blog with Emacs Bsd System

Write blog with Emacs

Emacs can be annoying to switch to something else for a text oriented task. With weblogger.el you can writting to your blog without ener leaving Emacs. I have wordpress installed,but it should work for any other blogging software with the same XMLRPC interface. Getting and Starting First getting the latest copy of webblogger.el and xml-rpc.el from Savannah. Just click the *.el file and then click "download". Once you've gotten both webblogger.el and xml-rpc.el place them somewhere that your Emacs can...
Screen, some tips Bsd System

Screen, some tips

Config Files: /etc/screenrc or ~/.screenrc CJK Support: Edit config files, then add these: defencoding utf-8 encoding utf-8 utf-8 If garbled, input these in screen process: Ctrl+a :encoding utf-8 utf-8
[RELOAD]Installing Debian 5.0 in VPC2007 Linux System

[RELOAD]Installing Debian 5.0 in VPC2007

I’ve spent most of this morning installing the newly released Debian 5.0 under Virtual PC 2007 (SP1). As usual with VPC, all non-Windows OS installs usually give headaches, but this one has been a real pain. Just after creating a new VM and launching the install, I got this terrifying message: “An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered. The virtual machine will reset now”. Trying the non-graphical install throws the same result. After some digging on the net, I found...