Some tips for Leopard Bsd System

Some tips for Leopard

下列代码未经证实确实有用! To disable anti-aliased text, open a terminal and type:  defaults write CoreGraphics CGFontDisableAntialiasing YES To re-enable the anti-aliasing, simply reverse the command:  defaults write CoreGraphics CGFontDisableAntialiasing NO 以上,用于关闭Leopard的字体AA。 Mac的休眠默认为安全模式,如果想使用快速休眠,可以通过命令sudo pmset a hibernatemode 0进行切换。 在Leopard中,中文字体显示比较小,可以通过设置DPI分辨率来增大字体,命令为defaults write -g AppleDisplayScaleFactor 2.0,如果恢复默认值,把2.0设置为1.0即可。 部分安装的软件无法通过AppZapper卸载,可以进入到系统的/Library/Receipts目录中,找到相应的项使用rm命令删除。
Install Leopard on your ASUS AMD machine Bsd System

Install Leopard on your ASUS AMD machine

 Link Here: Point here to ENRER This guide is a work in progress. I'm having trouble finding all the files I need, and right now I'm too tired to look for them anymore. However, hopefully the guide is still usefull as it is of writing it, so I'm putting it up. This guide assumes you are trying to get this thing working from either a Tiger installation on your osx86 or another actual macintosh. I use the iATKOS v1.0i iso....